Mobile App

Our Mobile App is simple and easy use! With your preferred mobile device (iOS or Android), load up your App Store and search for Evo Secure Login. You should see this:

Begin by downloading and installing this. Once it is installed, fire it up! The first thing you'll be presented with is the welcome screen and the option to scan a QR code:

The QR code it needs is an EVO key that is sent to your account. If you are an end-user, your Global Admin will be able to send you one of these. If you need more help here, have a look at the Keys section of this support wiki. 

Once Scanned, you'll be presented with a new screen:

Pressing Continue will allow you to setup your Security Questions, or if you are re-scanning your original user back in, prompted to answer your previously saved Security Questions and answers.

Congratulations! You are now inside of the app and can see your attached Evo Key. You are free to view your Offline Code (will require security question/answer combination) or add new EVO keys or third party keys! You can also now use your app as your OTP/Push notification sign-in device when trying to sign-in with EVO. You will receive notifications from the push, or if you prefer to use the 6 digit OTP code, just tap on the Evo key.

If you ever delete your app, and you have saved third-party keys attached to your account, if you were to receive a new QR code for your Evo user, you have another option!

Instead of hitting Continue, you can choose to Restore all of your existing keys by answering your Security Questions. That about sums it up for Mobile!